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Demystifying the Myths Surrounding Your Visit to the Dentist During COVID-19

Dental services came under increased surveillance during Covid-19. This is because the coronavirus could easily advance with the help of saliva, blood and aerosols which are ever present in a dental clinic. Are you confused whether to visit any dentist in Ester Park during Covid-19? Postponing a visit to a Family Dentist in Estes Park during Covid-19 is not recommended due to the following reasons:

The Enterprising Presence and Guidelines of ADA:

The American Dental Association is at the forefront to implement the rules and advice to confirm that the advance of the coronavirus is controlled. Dr. William R. Pike who practices at the Aspen Dental Center in Estes Park has been following all these guidelines. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Change of Equipments:
  2. Precautions against high dental aerosols emissions is the norm. All the dental clinics have switched to equipment which emits fewer aerosols, devices which have low speed to limit rotations.

  3. Postponement in Certain Cases:
  4. Some surgeries, procedures and out-patient visits which are non urgent in nature are being postponed. This is to make sure that the schedule of the dental clinic is not crammed unnecessarily. Prioritizing their services on the basis of severity will result in full use of their limited manpower.

  5. Inquiries Before Visit:
  6. Patients are being encouraged to dial the dental clinic before a visit. This is mainly to extract relevant information about the general health conditions of family members. If they are found to be with high temperature or have visited Covid-19 susceptible countries they are advised on the phone.

  7. Relying on Teledentistry:
  8. If it is found, after the mandatory telephone screening, that there are patients who need dental care for problems which are non-urgent, provide them solutions through teledentistry. This will prevent crowding.

  9. Following Other Routines:
  10. Space out appointments and visits in such a way that there is minimal contact between patients as well as the visitors. Mandatory screening and triage should be implemented for all the visitors entering the dental clinics. Spacing of chairs, continuous cleaning of surfaces, removing magazines etc from visiting rooms should be practiced without any slip ups.

  11. Universalization Process:
  12. The wearing of masks and physical distancing must be encouraged amongst patients, visitors as well as practitioners. Dentists and other staff must mandatory wear PPE kits. Disposing off these later must also be scientific.


Emergency Dentist in Estes Park, especially Dr. William R. Pike who practice at the Aspen Dental Center are fully equipped to serve the patients visiting them during Covid-19 without any compromise in quality. For more information call us at (970) 586-9434 and schedule an appointment today.