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Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies can often push you into pain, panic and stress. Someone who suffers from toothache or tooth loss from an accident requires immediate dental care. It is important that you contact an emergency dentist at the earliest when you come across such situations. Our dental office is open to treating emergency dental conditions. We give special attention to emergency dentistry in Estes Park, CO which is one of the reasons why our patients feel more secure and protected when it comes to their dental care.

What are Dental Emergencies?

There are a number of conditions in dentistry which require to be treated immediately. Patients may suffer from pain, tooth loss, deterioration of oral health when emergency dental care is not available in time. Following are some of the dental emergencies a person may come across in everyday life.

  • Toothache
  • Chipped or Knocked Out Tooth
  • Loose Tooth
  • Injury to tongue, gums or other soft tissues in mouth
  • Lost filling or crowns

Dental Emergencies - What to do?

Although it is important to visit the emergency dentist during a dental emergency, there are few immediate steps which help patients in recovering quickly. The most important step to follow during a dental emergency is to not panic. Anxiety can lead to stress and worsen the situation during a dental emergency. Following are some of the valuable points for dental emergencies. Toothache can be caused by tooth decay or teeth grinding. Patients should rinse their mouth with warm water and floss. An over-the-counter can help reduce pain. A cold compress can be applied if there is swelling. The treatment from the emergency dentist depends on the cause for tooth ache. Tooth loss from an accident is painful. The lost tooth can be saved if it is carefully put in place within 1 hour. Patients should gently hold the crown of the tooth, pick it up and wash it gently to wipe off dust and see that the tooth root is not disturbed. Patients can try and place back the tooth. If patients are unable to do so, they can preserve the tooth in a container of milk and bring it to the emergency dentist quickly. Gauze can help in stopping bleeding.

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