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Is your missing tooth suspending you from having your favorite food? You can fix the problem using a dental implant - the perfect replacement for lost tooth. The implanted tooth is guaranteed to last long. Dental implant takes position of the toot of your missing tooth. A dental crown is fit over the implant through an abutment. The artificial crown is designed to work just like the natural crown of a tooth. As one of the most advanced ways of restorative treatment, dental implants have been very successful in filling the gaps in oral health which are caused by tooth loss. It is one of our preferred forms of tooth replacement because of its effectiveness and long life. At Aspen Dental Center, we perform dental implant surgery using advanced equipment. Our dental implants have won beautiful smiles for the people of Estes Park, CO and the cities nearby.

Why replace lost tooth?

This is one of the questions which may spring up in your mind when you want to undergo a dental implant surgery. There are several problems which are caused when a tooth is lost.

  • Tooth loss harms your jaw bone which shrinks because of lack of stimulation.
  • Tooth loss can cause the teeth nearby to move into the gap. This leads to serious orthodontic problems.
  • Tooth loss can damage your smile and make you look old.
  • The speech may become unclear.

A dental implant can finely fill the gap in the dentition and change the life of patients. Since it replaces the root of the tooth, the jaw bone is safe and healthy. The dental crown fills the empty space and avoids orthodontic problems.

Dental implant surgery is performed using local anesthetic and sedation dentistry which makes the treatment painless and stress-free. With proper care, dental implants can last during your entire life which leaves the refreshing smile in you forever.

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